James Corden invaded a random house and played hide-and-seek for his show’s anniversary

James Corden celebrated the first anniversary of his run on The Late Late Show last night by walking up to a (supposedly … I have my doubts if this was as spontaneous as the show claimed) random person's house and filming the show in there, complete with celebrity guests.

Corden decided to play hide-and-seek with his guests Colin Farrell, Wanda Sykes, Demi Lovato, bandleader Reggie Watts, and Natalie, whose house they were all in.

Watch as Lovato breaks part of Natalie's house (and then Corden breaks it even more) and Sykes proves to be a brilliant hider in plain sight, as she literally just took Watts' spot behind the keyboard and assumed Corden wouldn't be able to tell the difference between two black people. She was right. Awkward!

“Little bit racist!” she said when Corden finally managed to spot her.