James Franco’s ‘Mother May I Sleep with Danger?’ remake just dropped a bonkers trailer

True Confession: I watched the original Mother, May I Sleep with Danger on YouTube like two weeks ago. I'm not proud of it! But in my own defense, I felt a professional obligation to rewatch it in advance of James Franco's upcoming Lifetime remake of the “cult” 1996 TV movie, which takes the stalker premise of the original and lightly shakes it up by inserting some lesbian vampires into the mix. Just a small twist! Basically the same movie. (Read: this is not at all the same movie.)

For those who haven't seen the original, Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? centers on Tori Spelling's Laurel, a naive college student whose boyfriend (Opposite of Sex heartthrob Ivan Sergei) pressures her to undergo a drastic hair makeover…and also relentlessly stalks and eventually tries to murder her. Little things. Her pantsuited, take-charge mother is played by Lisa Banes, the Drama Desk-nominated thespian who has been replaced in the remake with Tori Spelling, a former bed-and-breakfast owner and ordained minister with the Universal Life Church Monastery (and, okay, actress).

I honestly don't know what to make of this, but then what does that matter? It's “art.” Keep doing you, Franco. 

Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? premieres June 18 on Lifetime.

(via Yahoo)