James Wan’s ‘The Conjuring’ scares up a great trailer

It’s James Wan’s world this year, guys.

“The Conjuring” is first up for him, and it’s become a major piece of the puzzle for Warner Bros this summer. They have been testing the film to phenomenal results for a while now, and when I say phenomenal, I mean it. The film tells one of the many stories of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the parapsychologist married couple who became well-known thanks in part to the Amityville Horror case. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson star in the film, and word is they’re both great in it. I hear it’s scary, that it satisfies as a story, and that people really love the cast. I’m excited to see Farmiga and Wilson’s takes on these iconic characters.

Not that there’s a frame of them in the trailer.

I love that this entire trailer seems to be taken from one sequence or one section of the film, and that the emphasis here is on Lili Taylor. What’s clear is that Wan has started casting the ever-lovin’ crap out of his movies now, and that he’s become one of the most consistent guys out there in terms of crafting a certain kind of haunted house thrill ride experience. I think anyone who enjoyed “Insidious” is going to be surprised in a very pleasant way by what he’s up to with the sequel, and with that hitting theaters not long after “The Conjuring,” I think the sequel could explode in a way the first film didn’t.

Now check out the trailer. I would happily never hear “Season Of The Witch” again in a horror movie trailer, but that one quibble aside, I think this is about as good as trailers get right now:


If you’re curious about the reality behind the story of “The Conjuring,” there is a fascinating documentary coming out this year called “My Amityville Horror,” and one of the highlights of the film is a visit with Lorraine Warren.  She remains a completely fascinating character, and I believe that she believes in her life’s work. I’m guessing a whole new generation is going to suddenly be aware of the Warrens because of this summer, and I am excited to see this one with as big a crowd of people as possible.

“The Conjuring” opens July 19, 2013.