Jamie Lidell to drop new album on February 19

Eclectic singer-songwriter Jamie Lidell is set to release his highly-anticipated new album on February 19 via Warp Records.

His fifth full-length release, the self-titled album signals somewhat of a new direction for the artist, who freely mixes electronic blips and bleeps with more traditional rock and soul sounds. Lidell cites such disparate artists as Mtume, Cameo, Bobby Brown (and New Jack Swing,  in general) and George Clinton as inspirations for his latest. 

“I referenced a lot of the analogue synth tones of the records I really love,” he says, “the question isn”t electronic music or not, it”s what are you trying to say with the electronics you choose.” 

Here’s the futurisitc-psychedelic cover art:

Lidell recently relocated from New York to Nashville and built a large recording studio in his home. “The whole house has become a recording studio,” Lidell says, “the entire album was recorded and mixed at home. I”m proud of that.”

Hear the new song “What a Shame” here:

Here’s the track listing for “Jamie Lidell”:

1. I”m Selfish
2. Big Love
3. What A Shame
4. Do Yourself a Faver
5. You Naked
6. why_ya_why
7. Blaming Something
8. You Know My Name
9. So Cold
10. Don”t You Love Me
11. In Your Mind