Jane Lynch Isn’t In ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ And There Must Be Some Mistake

For 'Edge of Tomorrow' an executive producer put a bunch of classic movie names in one hat and a bunch of popular video game franchises in another and then picked two at random. The result is this mash-up of 'Groundhog's Day' and 'Gears of War.' And you know what? It looks pretty awesome. Big exoskeleton rigs give off an Ellen Ripley vibe and the secondary character is Emily Blunt as a hard as nails military hero. If you haven't seen the latest trailer because Tom Cruise's brand of crazy has overshadowed his career and all you can see is veneers smiling out from a face with a tenuous grasp on reality, give it a shot.

Put aside for a moment that the giant war propaganda image of Emily Blunt with her blonde hair blowing in the breeze as she crushes her enemies beneath her boot heel like a living incarnation of Samus Aran wasn't her character poster.

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Because seriously? How is this image not in every movie theater in America making young men and women question if the UDE is real and how to sign up for your own exoskeleton suit because alien scum need to die? If that poster isn't a best-selling piece of swag at San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. will have no one to blame but themselves. 

But with such a badass leading lady, one can't help but wish they'd cast her mother, a legendary war hero, as well. 'What war hero mother,' you ask? Well obviously Rita (Blunt) comes from a long line of women in uniform. She is the spitting image of Sergeant Calhoun from 'Wreck-It Ralph.'

Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Jane Lynch not only voiced the hard-bitten platoon leader in Disney's hit film, but she also dressed the part at a recent comic-con. Look at this dynamite gal and tell me you aren't crestfallen audiences won't watch Blunt have to live up to a legacy set down by the woman who single-handedly took on an alien horde and won. 

Image Credit: Imgur

It's not too late, Warner Bros.! 'Edge Of Tomorrow' doesn't hit theaters until June 6th. Plenty of time, right? RIGHT?!