‘Jaws’ and John Williams’ iconic music are getting the live concert screening treatment

Duh-dun, Duh-dun, Duh-dun, duh-dunduh-dunduh-dunduh-dun…

Get ready for that terror-inducing sound to fill your local concert hall, along with Bruce on the big screen.

Film Concerts Live! has been producing events with a live orchestra performance synced to blockbuster films, and today they announced they”re adding the first-ever blockbuster to their line-up. Jaws is getting the live concert screening treatment.

Jaws (which made the Top 10 of HitFix”s Ultimate Horror Poll – see where it ranks here) is of course iconic largely thanks to John Williams” recognizable score. The 1975 movie”s theme that”s become synonymous with suspense will be performed live by some lucky tuba and string players in orchestras presumably around the world – Film Concerts Live! has brought their events to four continents – though for now, only Boston has been announced for Jaws in Concert. The Boston Pops Orchestra will perform the world premiere of the event in early summer 2017.

Previously, for Back to the Future orchestra screenings, Film Concerts Live! had composer Alan Silvestri compose some new music for the event. Though Williams is not composing any new music for Jaws in Concert, according to Billboard, there is about five minutes of music originally composed for the film that was not used in the final cut. That music – which Williams did record in 1975 and does appear on the expanded soundtrack album released last year – will be performed at the live concert screenings.

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