‘Jaws’ reimagined as an 8-bit video game

If you ever wondered what Jaws might look like as a video game on your old school Atari 2600 (and let”s be honest, you know it crossed your mind), have we got a present for you.

An animator with too much time on his hands has reimagined the movie about the killer shark as an 8-bit game. The video features all the iconic scenes from the 1975 blockbuster including Chrissie”s skinny dipping misadventure, Quint”s demise at the teeth of the great white, and Brody finally settling the score.

While amusing, the video isn”t perfect as sometimes the game awards points to the shark, other times to the humans. But we're nitpicking here and animator Fernando Rangel deserves a lot of credit for his efforts.

This isn”t Rangel”s first retro game/movie adaptation either. On his Toon Doom YouTube page, he released Psycho as a slightly more advanced 16-bit game, complete with the shower scene.

Check out the video…