Jay Leno would be open to visiting Letterman’s show

03.12.14 5 years ago

Jay Leno would be open to visiting Letterman”s show
“I suppose I could, why couldn”t I?” the former “Tonight Show” host said before receiving last night”s TV Hall of Fame honor. “You can do any show you want, it”s not like you”re banned. Who knows? Maybe. We”ll see what happens.”

Minkus from “Boy Meets World” will appear on “Girl Meets World”
Check out Lee Norris” reunion with Ben Savage.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have a “Breaking Bad” reunion
A silver-haired Cranston, fresh from playing LBJ, reunited last night with Paul at his “Need for Speed” premiere in NYC.

Report: “Bachelor” Juan Pablo was seriously considered for “Dancing with the Stars”
There apparently were serious talks, but the idea was quietly nixed.

Charlie Sheen spoofs passed-out George Lopez
Lopez paid a visit to his fellow FX star”s “Anger Management” set, where Sheen pretended to be a passed-out drunk.

TLC announces “Cyber Stalkers” and “Web of Deceit” specials
The two April specials will explore the downside of the web.

CBS settling $100M “Hawaii Five-0” lawsuit
The estate of “Hawaii Five-0” creator Leonard Freeman had sued over the remake.

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