Jeff Garlin puts odds of more ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ at ’51 percent’

Jeff Garlin was in rare form at a Television Critics Association press tour panel to preview season 3 of “The Goldbergs.” He complained about having to film scenes where Murray Goldberg takes off his pants when he comes home from work (they have to do take after take, “and I don't like to bend”), and about ABC censors' paranoia of what might be seen when he appears in tighty-whities, with the censors claiming to see shadows and movement from his nether regions when “the only way to see shadows or movement is to put a flashlight behind my balls.”

As usually happens when he appears at tour, Garlin was asked about his most famous TV job, and where things stand about the possibility of another season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

He noted that he talks to Larry David all the time, recently about David's Broadway play, and said that his “Goldbergs” contract allows him to do more “Curb” if/when it returns.

He and David “have talked about it, but that's the extent of it.”

After all, David has the most unique deal in showbiz: if he wants to do another season of “Curb,” at any point, HBO says yes, and if he doesn't, they leave him alone.

“It's the only show in all of television that only moves forward because the creator is only basing his decision on creativity,” Garlin said. “Larry David is so goddamn rich that he doesn't have to do anything unless it's good! He doesn't want to embarrass himself. So it's pretty pure. I don't know how many shows disregard that completely.”

So what odds would he put another season of “Curb” – which, remember, last aired an episode in September of 2011 – actually being made?

“51 percent,” he said.