Jeffrey Tambor: ‘Arrested Development’ Season 5 will begin production in January

We have arresting news about the future of Arrested Development. Production of the long-overdue fifth season of the comedy series might be getting underway as soon as next January.

In an interview with Today“s Al Roker, Jeffrey Tambor, who plays both George and Oscar Bluth, indicated that the Emmy-winning show was rounding into shape.

“My marching orders are to go to work in January,” Tambor told Roker in what sure seemed like a “big announcement.”  The actor offered no other details on the show that hasn”t produced a new episode since 2013.

There have seemingly been rumblings about a return ever since Season 4 debuted, but nothing approached any degree of certainty until now. Earlier in the month, Jessica Walter, who plays Lucille, said that a possible return was “looking real good…everybody is on board.”

HitFix reached out to Netflix for comment, but we”ve not yet received a response. We”ll make sure to update you with whatever we hear.