Jenna Elfman may replace Parker Posey on NBC’s ‘Family Guide’

05.30.13 5 years ago

Jenna Elfman may replace Parker Posey on NBC’s “Family Guide”

She’s in talks to join the midseason comedy.

Netflix exec slams NY Times for its negative “Arrested Development” review

Chief content officer Ted Sarandos said The Times’ review was “like the equivalent of writing a review of the first 10 minutes of a movie, you”re probably not going to have a great experience.”

Web show pits “Survivor” alums vs. “Big Brother” alums

The Kickstarter-funded “Reality Gamemaster” will have the reality vets competing in a game of Risk.

“Game of Thrones'” Dothraki language creator translates pop-culture phrases

“Breaking Bad’s” Walter White would say: “Anha vekhikh fin mema.”

Netflix plans to triple its spending on original programming

Currently, Netflix only spends less than 5% of its revenues on original shows.

Conan O’Brien: How “Breaking Bad” should end

Says Conan: “We all know that Gus Fring didn’t die…”

“The League” star wants to use Kickstarter to become “super rich”

Watch Jon Lajoie’s fake Kickstarter plea.

“SNL” tries UltraHD

Some of the pre-taped bits from the past few months were shot in a format with four times the data of HD.

Animal Planet renews “River Monsters”

“River Monsters” is Animal Planet’s most-watched show. 

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