Jennifer Lawrence and her ‘Hunger Games’ co-stars pranked Smosh

Smosh's Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla might think they're the ultimate celebrity interview pranksters, but they're no match for the cast of “Hunger Games.”

Here's the set up: Smosh likes to “prank” celebrities by having one of them tell the other, via earpiece, to say and do all these weird things during interviews. They've gotten Chris Pratt, The Rock — er “Dwayne Johnson,” and Emma Watson this way.

Then they tried to get Jennifer Lawrence. But she was ready, for a Smosh “superfan” named Dylan Miceli-Nelson teamed up with her, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth to prank Smosh the exact same way they were trying to prank her. When Hecox did silly things (as suggested via earpiece by Padilla) such as “joke” about fires in California and take his shoes off, Lawrence responded (as suggested via earpiece by Hemsworth, Hutcherson, and Miceli-Nelson) by saying that her friends lost their house and their dog in a California wildfire, and then getting offended at the Hecox's lack of professionalism and storming out.

Lawrence also got a chance to show off her toy crossbow skills by shooting Hecox in the face, as per Miceli-Nelson's suggestion. And it was all for a good cause, as Prank it FWD is donating $1 to for every 1,000 views the video gets.