Jennifer Lawrence Won 2014 Golden Globe For ‘Internet Darling,’ Spawns Two New Memes

All hail Internet Queen, Jennifer Lawrence! During the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, everyone was enamored by her…unique…Dior dress. MTV made the comparison to Ariel’s washed up beach ensemble in ‘The Little Mermaid’ while ‘Arrow’ actor Colton Haynes kicked off #Lawrencing with this epic side-by-side:

HOWEVER! While the rest of the world scrambled to find a white be sheet and two black bungee cords to make their own knock-off Dior gown – that incidentally looks just like the Kleenex ghosts we all made with rubber bands as kids right? – 4chan was busy immortalizing Lawrence’s facial expression as she crept up on Taylor Swift during the former’s red carpet interview.

Captured for all time by someone on Ryan Seacrest’s team – bless them – I christen this meme as Jennifer Lawrence Running Away From Things!

#1: Suddenly I need a gender-bent ‘Indiana Jones’ franchise reboot in my life.

#2: Jennifer Lawrence knows the proper response to tanks in the street.

#3: And when to book it during a murder on live television.

#4: J-Law seriously has the best ‘Day One Sale’ game face ever. She’ll kill it during Black Friday.

Photos viaSecretly Obsessed With Taylor Swift

Okay 4chan, you’re pretty good. But I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity put Jennifer into even MORE terrifying  situations.

#5: Must run faster! Must run faster!

#6: ‘It’s just a little bunny,’ they said. ‘Go try and pet it,’ they said.

#7: Does ‘Scooby-Doo’ still do celebrity episodes? If so, this needs to happen ASAP.

#8: She could be screaming a battle cry, or screaming because she’s standing next to Mel Gibson.

Now it’s your turn! Use this transparency to make your own Jennifer Lawrence Running Away From Things! Then tweet your creation at us over @HitFixRiot. We’ll be Re-Tweeting the best ones all day!

UPDATE! Thanks to everyone who sent in their own ‘JLaw Running From Things’ submissions! We’ve collected the best below for your entertainment.