Jerry Seinfeld goes on the radio and yada yada yada, they’re doing a reunion

(CBR) So what”s the deal with airplane peanuts that rumored “Seinfeld” reunion? Despite Julia Louis-Dreyfus” denial, Jerry Seinfeld confirms one is in the works. However, the comedian won”t say what form it”ll take.

Speculation about a reunion was renewed earlier this month when a photo surfaced of Seinfeld and Jason Alexander outside Tom”s Restaurant in New York City, whose exterior doubled as Monk”s Cafe on the beloved sitcom. As if that weren”t evidence enough, co-creator Larry David was later spotted leaving the diner.

Appearing this morning on WFAN”s “Boomer & Carton” radio show, Seinfeld was coaxed into a game of “20 Questions,” in which he provided short, cryptic clues about the reunion: It has, indeed, been filmed; it”s not for a Super Bowl commercial or his web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”, as has been widely speculated; that it”s “short-ish” form; other “Seinfeld” actors are involved; and that it will be seen “very, very soon.”

Seinfeld, Alexander, Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards appeared together as themselves on David”s improvised comedy series “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, first in the third episode of Season 7 and then again, with some of the “Seinfeld” supporting cast, in the ninth episode.