Jimmy Kimmel finds that some Americans don’t know their Avengers or their presidents

Jimmy Kimmel's street interview segments typically make the interviewees look stupid and uninformed. So last night, when he asked the nice folks on Hollywood Boulevard if they could name Marvel's Avengers and then U.S. presidents, it was safe to assume that we'd get a bunch of people who knew tons about comic book heroes and nothing about our nation's history.

And yes, some of that did happen. But the best answers came from the people who didn't know much about either, like the guy who listed Dragnet as an Avenger and Ross Perot as a president, or the woman who thought the Avengers were Power Rangers.

Shoutout to the woman at the end who rattled off more presidents than most people would begin to know in quick succession, but then, weirdly, couldn't name any presidents from the last century except Nixon. 

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