Jimmy Kimmel Has A Solution To The ‘Billion Dollar’ Lawsuit Facing The Makers Of Hatchimals

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Hatchimals were the holiday sensation that every kid needed, following in the footsteps of Tickle Me Elmo and Furby in years prior. As Jimmy Kimmel points out, it’s likely sitting in some closet dying a slow death at this point. Or it’s cursing up a storm in some box. That doesn’t mean the interest in the toy is dead completely. It just means that it is now getting the kind of attention that nobody wants.

According to documents obtained by Consumerist, a class action suit has been filed over the claim that Spin Master produced a toy that “failed to live up to its name” when the toy inside never hatched from its egg:

The lawsuit claims the woman bought a Hatchimal for $50 from a California Wal-Mart on Jan. 14, 2017 as a birthday gift for her daughter. After giving her daughter the toy, legal documents claim the pair “followed the instructions included in the packaging, but the Hatchimal failed to hatch. The toy remains unhatched in its egg….

The lawsuit claims its plaintiffs followed the instructions but “were left disappointed when their Hatchimal failed to live up to its name.”

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