‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ staged a long-awaited ‘ER’ reunion of one (plus Dr. House)

Jimmy Kimmel sees your Friends reunion and raises you a surprise ER reunion. 

There's just one problem: the only ER cast member who showed up was George Clooney (Julianna Margulies was busy filming The Good Wife, Noah Wyle had Taco Tuesday night with family, Eriq La Salle had jury duty, Anthony Edwards was at SoulCycle, and Sherry Stringfield couldn't get an Uber). But Clooney wasn't alone on stage, for Kimmel played his patient and Hugh Laurie limped in to assist as Dr. House (albeit missing his trademark stubble).

I have a feeling Kimmel added a little surprise to the sketch, based on Clooney and Laurie's reaction to whatever was under the sheet and Laurie's inability to keep it together for most of the rest of it.