J.J. Abrams had to remind Daisy Ridley that BB-8 is not an adorable child

If you”ve ever thought R2-D2 and BB-8 are absofreakinlutely adorable, you”re not alone.

On the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” set, Daisy Ridley had a hard time remembering that BB-8 is not an adorable child.

“I had a chat with BB-8, and I remember J.J. saying, ‘He”s not a child” and obviously the impulse because he”s small and cute is to infantilize. The impulse is to baby talk, but he”s not a child. He”s a droid with a mission,” Ridley, who plays Rey in the movie, told Time. “But after they created him and puppeted him everyday and they gave him so much life that it didn”t really feel any different to acting with a person. He”s there moving around, he”s making noises, he”s responding to what I”m saying. It really is just like having a conversation.”

So, J.J., if we get to meet BB-8, we… shouldn”t run up and hug the little guy?