Joe Russo Comments On A Fake Quote About An ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Death While Absurdly Doubling Down

Marvel Studios

The Russo Brothers are definitely out there talking about Avengers: Endgame lately, which is no surprise because that movie contained plenty of little layers to fuel endless MCU conversations. So it’s also not a shock that someone would make up a quote that’s circulating on Twitter and sitting on the verge of going viral, yes? That’s exactly what happened, and it has to do with insensitive (fake) remarks about how Tony Stark’s death has been a goal since Avengers. The words are attributed to a (fake) The Tonight Show appearance by Joe. Here’s the fabricated quote (it’s not clear where this fake quote originated from, but it’s being copied and pasted all over social media) with a screenshot below:

“I’ll be honest. When I heard Tony Stark say ‘billionaire, playboy, philanthopist’ in the first Avengers I decided right then that he would be the big casualty of Endgame. I know he is loved by many. But he is not loved by me. He needs to go.”

Via Twitter

The “quote” mimics the way that Joe speaks (he does say “I’ll be honest” a lot), but it’s clearly not real. Joe could have actually left it alone, even with people freaking out and throwing GIFs across Twitter, but he decided to confront the mess by adding an equally absurd detail to an “obvious falsehood.”

“To set the record straight, this quote is completely fake,” Russo tweeted. “It’s an obvious falsehood, and utterly ridiculous. I actually wanted Tony dead in Civil War… #killtonystark #thetruthisout.” He even tagged Robert Downey Jr. for good measure.

What a solid reply. Also, maybe Twitter can stop believing everything? Never.