John Cusack gets a room in exclusive clip from ‘The Bag Man’

Hitting select theaters this Friday is a new movie starring John Cusack and Robert De Niro called, “The Bag Man.” If you click on the above play button what you’ll be treated to is a HitFix exclusive clip of Cusack in the film. So that you’re warned, there might be a four letter word or two present, making it semi-NSFW. 

To set the stage a little, the movie is a crime thriller directed by David Grovic and inspired by the story “The Cat” by Marie-Louise von Franz. Outside of De Niro and Cusack, the movie features Rebecca Da Costa, Crispin Glover, Sticky Fingaz, Dominic Purcell and Martin Kelbba. And, while it is a crime thriller, not everything in it is played perfectly straight, as is readily apparent in the clip.
The official synopsis reads as follows: “‘The Bag Man’ is a taut crime thriller that follows the story of Jack (John Cusack), a tough guy with chronic bad luck but human touches. Hired by Dragna (Robert De Niro), a legendary crime boss to complete a simple but unusual task, the plot centers around the anticipated arrival of Dragna who has summoned Jack and a host of shady characters to a remote location for unknown reasons. Over the course of a long and violently eventful night awaiting Dragna”s arrival, Jack”s path crosses that of Rivka (Rebecca Da Costa), a stunningly beautiful woman whose life becomes physically and emotionally entangled with Jack”s. When Dragna finally arrives on the scene there are sudden and extreme consequences for all.”
So, watch, enjoy, and you tell us, is Cusack playing a contrarian or a victim? And, why is it, do you think, the man working the front desk (Crispin Glover) believes that Cusack wants an interconnecting room? What kind of motel do lone individuals check into but want interconnecting rooms?   We have so many questions about what’s going on.
“The Bag Man” arrives in theaters this Friday, February 28th.