John Krasinski: Chris Hemsworth ended my superhero dreams

Chris Hemsworth doesn”t know his own powers.

The man who was perfectly cast to play Thor is so strong, he can defeat Captain America with simple politeness, or at least this is how John Krasinski recalled his Captain America screen test.

During an interview on Conan O”Brien”s late night talk show, Krasinski explained exactly what happened during his audition. He was about halfway through putting on the Captain America suit when things for the self-professed superhero fan went south in a hurry.

“[I was] feeling pretty good about myself…All of a sudden, Chris Hemsworth walked by as Thor, and he”s like, ‘Hey mate.” And I went, ‘I”m good, this is stupid. It”s ok, I”m not Captain America,”” Krasinski said.

Krasinski didn”t let this experience deter him from fighting evildoers, not by a long shot. In fact, he”s starring in the new Jack Ryan series for Amazon as the titular character. The release date for that program has not yet been announced.

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