‘John Wick 2’ image reveals status of John Wick’s new puppy…

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… alive! Still alive. John Wick got a new puppy at the end of the first John Wick. And here they are, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge together (as you do). They look intact. 

You won't like John Wick if you mess with his dog. Don't even think about it. Trust me on this.  If you even dream about touching a hair on this adorable pit bull's head, a lot of well-choreographed violence will ensue.

Hold on. I recently heard something was going down, and I'm concerned. Let's check on them again. 


Phew. They look fine. Still on the bridge. Not making much progress but alive! 

We'll see if they make it through John Wick: Chapter 2, coming our way this February 10, where apparently they will travel to Rome and presumably nothing aggro will happen. Just a sweet story about a man and his dog.