Johnny Depp just joined Tom Cruise in the Universal Monster reboots

Universal's Monster reboots just nabbed another A-list star in the form of Johnny Depp — you may have heard of him! The aggressively quirky thesp will take the “stupid money” once again to (presumably) play the title role in The Invisible Man, the latest announced installment in the studio's interconnected, Marvel-style series of films that will serve up new iterations of iconic silver-screen ghouls including Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster and The Wolf Man. Tom Cruise was previously announced as the star of The Mummy.

Based on the H.G. Wells novel about a scientist who goes insane after discovering a way to become invisible, the Invisible Man was originally played by Claude Rains in Universal's 1933 version. Kevin Bacon played the character most recently on the big-screen, in Paul Verhoeven's 2000 film Hollow Man.