Jon Reep and Kyle Davis know you want them to die in ‘Into the Storm’

Jon Reep and Kyle Davis play tornado chasers in New disaster film “Into the Storm.” But they're not after storms with cameras for science or the safety of others. They're just backwoods “Jackass” type dudes who want to be famous on YouTube. And they'd like to stay intoxicated if they can.

Yeah, they're the guys you just wait to be sucked up into a twister and perish due to their own stupidity.

Reep and Davis were pretty good at it, too.

But the comic actors have done far scarier stuff in life than survive a throng of wind machines.

“Being a stand-up comic, the first time… I didn't get very many laughs,” Reep admitted. “People laughed at me for sucking so hard.” But, hey, “it counts.”

Watch the rest of our NSFW interview about fear and a warning from Davis to be careful out there.

“Into the Storm” is in theaters Friday (Aug. 8).