Jon Stewart apologizes for being ‘flip’ by telling CNN he didn’t vote

Jon Stewart apologizes for being “flip” by telling CNN he didn”t vote
“The Daily Show” host told Christiane Amanpour he didn”t vote. But on his show, Stewart clarified: “To set the record straight, I did vote today,” adding “I was being flip, and it kind of took off. And you know what, I want to apologize because I shouldn”t have been flip about that.”

Clay Aiken”s Congressional bid to become an Esquire network docuseries
Cameras followed the former “American Idol” runner-up for a four-hour docuseries that will air next year.

Neil Patrick Harris: “My variety show will absolutely be crafted by union writers”
Responding to concerns that his NBC variety show may be affected by striking writers, Harris tweeted: “I”ve been assured by ITV that it will be a WGA show. Period.”

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Watch “Alex from Target”s” visit with Ellen
The sudden Internet superstar is apparently a real 16-year-old.

Jimmy Kimmel to visit Craig Ferguson on Friday
After Jay Leno stops by Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” on Friday, you can switch over to “The Late Late Show” on CBS to see another conversation between late-night talk show veterans.

Aaron Sorkin hopes to continue his relationship with HBO after “The Newsroom”
“I hope looking back, that I can say that this was just the first time I had a show on HBO,” Sorkin said at the final season premiere.

Pippa Middleton is set to join “Today” as a correspondent
The sister-in-law of Prince William is expected to be offered a job, according to Page Six, after a test shoot in Utah.

“Utopia” animals can stay
The farm animals on the Fox reality show won”t be kicked out, despite the reality show”s cancelation.

Marvel offers a glimpse of “Agent Carter”
See an extended peak at the new ABC series starring Hayley Atwell and Dominic Cooper.

Watch the trailer for TNT”s “The Librarians”
Noah Wyle is joined by Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane and John Laroquette in the TV series offshoot of the “The Librarian” movies.

“Sons of Anarchy”s” latest victim speaks
Filming last night”s final scene was “pretty tough.” PLUS: Annabeth Gish on last night”s episode.

Bill Maher”s “flip a district” campaign fails
Maher tried to oust Republican Minnesota Rep. John Kline from his House seat, but Kline easily won reelection.

Benedict Cumberbatch announces his engagement via a newspaper listing
The “Sherlock” star revealed his engagement to girlfriend Sophie Hunter via the “Forthcoming Marriages” section of the London Times.