Jon Stewart as ‘Meet the Press’ host would’ve been a terrible idea — unless ‘Daily Show’ was on Sunday

Jon Stewart as “Meet the Press” host would”ve been a terrible idea – unless he did “The Daily Show” on Sunday
Jon Stewart is “a supplement, a commentator, throwing stinkbombs in from the outside,” says James Poniewozik. “To put him in that Beltway-priest, neutral-insider role would have been a joke, and not the ha-ha kind. On the other hand, if NBC were hiring Stewart to replace not just David Gregory, but the idea of 'Meet the Press' itself–to create, if not a copy, 'The Daily Show,' a seriously funny issues show with a point of view and an adversarial attitude that would roast not just the guests, but the culture of Washington–now that could have been something.” PLUS: Jon Stewart is a terrible interviewer who would”ve been a terrible host, Stewart”s agent wouldn”t deny the “Meet the Press' report, and Chuck Todd reacts to the news of his job almost going to Stewart.

Will UP TV ever resume showing “7th Heaven” reruns?
“Too early to say,” says UP”s president and CEO, Charley Humbard, of the Stephen Collin's sexual abuse scandal. He says when it”s time to make a decision, the network will “weigh in on three things: what are the allegations of the case, what do viewers want, and what do they think?” PLUS: LAPD talks about its 2012 investigation into a claim Collins abused a relative, Collins called then-17-year-old Jessica Biel's racy photoshoot “child pornography,” and divorce documents reveal Collins' TV salary – $7,682 for “Scandal.”

Shonda Rhimes has a “no as*holes” policy: “There are no Heigls in this situation”
In her Hollywood Reporter profile, Rhimes says she”s learned to avoid people like Katherine Heigl on set.” I don't put up with bullsh*t or nasty people. I don't have time for it,” she says. PLUS: Rhimes says “Buffy” helped her rediscover TV.

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“Arrow” boss: Season premiere shocker “buys us a lot of story”
Exec producer Marc Guggenheim adds: “We had this notion of starting the year off in a way that we typically end the year.”

Ben Affleck: “My biggest point of pride in my life” was making “SNL's” Best of Jimmy Fallon DVD
Fallon and Affleck reminisced during a commercial break about a sketch they did together.

Ryan Murphy: “American Crime Story” is no crime procedural – it”s more “True Detective” in its tone
“We didn”t want to do a ‘killing of the week” thing,” Murphy says. “We”re interested in exploring crime cases that changed the landscape of America. The O.J. Simpson case really did that. It”s not going to be like ‘American Horror Story” – it”s much more serious, it”s much more dramatic.”

NBC developing a women”s magazine comedy from Cosmopolitan”s editor-in-chief
“The Bachelorette” movie director Leslye Headland will also be behind the project about a failed political blogger who becomes the “sex” editor for a prestigious women”s magazine.

A Secret Service TV series is in the works, based on the comic book “Cobb”
“Cobb” tells the story of a top-ranking Secret Service agent who, despite being demoted, must save the newly elected president of the United States.

“Days of Our Lives” star”s girlfriend seriously injured after their car flipped over in accident
Freddie Smith lost control of his car on Tuesday in Ohio, but suffered minor injuries. His girlfriend Alyssa Tabit, however, had to be airlifted to a local hospital.

Watch “Snooki & JWoww”s” final season trailer
“We're back, bitches and we're pregnant,” the “Jersey Shore” alums in this preview video.

Jennifer Lawrence prefers men who are really into reality TV
When it comes to dating, she says, “I would just rather have somebody that has the same taste in reality TV,” adding: “”I love ‘Intervention,' New York ‘Housewives'-and Beverly Hills, New Jersey, and Atlanta ‘Housewives.' I mean, I love them all, but Miami-oh, my God! Miami is really special.”

“Project Runway” alum ordered to do 1 day of community service
Morgan Quinn was accused of lying to police about being mugged, but the prosecutor admits she may have been telling the truth.

“Shark Tank” has helped CNBC pump up its reality TV brand
Reruns of the ABC reality show has led CNBC to create more reality projects revolving around money. PLUS: CNBC's “The Filthy Rich Guide” mocks the garish spending habits of billionaires.

“Town of the Living Dead” has found a new way to do a zombie show
The Syfy reality comedy series about the making of a zombie movie in a small Alabama town proves to be refreshing.

What happened to Lana Parilla on “Once Upon a time”?
As co-creator Adam Horowitz explains, “An important thing for fans to know is that while we are telling this arc with the Frozen characters, we are in no way leaving the arcs of characters like Regina aside. We still want to explore them.” PLUS: How much “Frozen” is too much on “OUAT”?

Jane Seymour to guest on “Forever”
She”ll play Judd Hirsch”s ex-wife on the ABC series.

“Downton Abbey”s” bridal crowns are now for sale
The designer behind the British series tiaras, crowns and jewelry is putting up his designs for sale to the public.

Mike Rowe brings the spirit of “Dirty Jobs” to CNN”s “Somebody”s Got to Do It”
Rowe”s new series finds him visiting unusual people and places.

Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen interview their “Masters of Sex” boss
“Between the two of us, who would you rather have sex with?”

Amy Poehler agreeing to be interviewed by her freshman high school teacher sells out in 1 day
Here”s a description of the event: “In September of 1983, a bright, enthusiastic and extremely inquisitive  14-year-old named Amy Poehler entered Ms. Dalton”s freshman class, and thus began their four year literary journey together.”

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Marc Andreessen pitches “Silicon Valley” on what to do with Peter Gregory
“Imagine Peter Gregory maybe he put himself into artificial intelligence, so he”s remotely running things,” Andreessen said in a conversation with Mike Judge.

Kerry Washington recalls her former dance teacher, Jennifer Lopez
Says the “Scandal” star: “You wouldn”t know it from my build, but Jennifer taught me how to dance.”

“Juice” from “Sons of Anarchy”: “I worry for myself, the actor, as well”
Theo Rossi talks about his character”s recent developments. PLUS: “We really loved doing it,” he says of the scene.

CCH Pounder watched “20 bodies being worked on” at the morgue to prep for “NCIS: New Orleans”
“All the people that I met before I actually got into the morgue were very, very cheery,” she says, leading her to create a character who was more playful.

Why the “Twin Peaks” revival is a slap in the face to its loyal fans
As Alex Pappademas argues, “The news that Season 3 will pick up 25 years after the Season 2 finale  is a slap in the face to the small but loyal army of fans who”ve spent decades supporting the Twin Peaks Expanded Universe, a thematically rich and deeply interconnected world of stories that Lynch and Frost appear to have summarily banished from the canon with (Monday”s) announcement.” PLUS: Does David Lynch suck?, why millennials are responsible for bringing back “Twin Peaks,” and ranking the post-“Twin Peaks” careers of its stars.

“Nashville” casts a reporter to expose Rayna”s love life
Anthony Ruvivar will play a Rolling Stone reporter who turns Rayna Jaymes” life upside down.

Animated video sums of 4 seasons of “Game of Thrones” in 1 minute
Check out “Game of Thrones, an animated journey.” PLUS: See the “GoT” set in Osuma, and here is “Joffrey” and his bike in Dublin.

“24” alum Sarah Clarke joins Amazon”s “Bosch”
She”ll play Titus Welliver”s ex-wife, a former FBI profiler who works in Vegas as a professional poker player on the LAPD detective drama pilot.

Here are “Seinfeld”s” greatest menswear lessons
From the Puffy Shirt to George”s sweat pants.

“The Walking Dead”s” Sonequa Martin-Green is pregnant
She says of filming while pregnant: “It's been great, I've been very blessed. I've been able to stay right along with everybody and keep on doing what I'm doing.”

“The Secret World of Alex Mack” turns 20
The Nickelodeon series starring Larisa Oleynik also featured a young Jessica Alba and shares a name with a successful NFL player. PLUS: All 66 hats worn by Alex Mack.

DirecTV”s MMA drama “Kingdom” deserves a fighting chance
The Mixed Martial Arts series has a lot going for it, including a solid cast, but it”ll get lost among all the other new show premieres. PLUS: “Kingdom”s” creator says MMA world is rich with a cross-section of characters.

“American Horror Story” is so influential: “So why does it suck so much?”
“Freak Show” reveals the franchise to be messier than ever, yet that is the result of having so many great actors. As Todd VanDerWerff notes, “Putting that many great actors in one show inevitably means that the series needs to give them all something to do. And that means even more divergent plotlines that ultimately don't connect in any way, shape, or form.” PLUS: “Freak Show” starts off sluggishly with the actors going through the motions, “Freak Show” is more luscious and vibrant, we”re in the same old muck of seasons past, play the “AHS” drinking game, “Freak Show” doesn”t feel scary, creepy or even freakish, how “AHS” exploits our darkest taboos, how all 4 seasons can be connected, and Ryan Murphy explains the “Freak Show” theme.