Bruce Springsteen, Stephen Colbert and tears: Jon Stewart’s last ‘Daily Show’

A lotta tears flowed from Jon Stewart on his last night of “The Daily Show.”

Watch part 1 for every correspondent bidding their former lead anchor adieu, with a special J.R.R. Tolkien diversion and heartfelt love-in from Stephen Colbert.

Watch part 2 for a long take (not really, but still beautiful and impressive) video of “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” office, with all the behind-the-scenes TV crew that made the magic happen.

Watch part 3 for Stewart's monologue about bullsh*t, and the various forms bullsh*t takes.

Watch part 4 for his farewell, your moment of Zen, which is “my moment of Zen”: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performing “Land of Hope and Dreams” plus the crescendo finale of “Born to Run.” Stewart was joined at the “pit” of the performance by his crew, with hugs.