Joseph Gordon-Levitt on why ‘The Walk’ may be one of the riskiest things he’s ever done

Joseph Gordon-Levitt literally balances on a high wire in his new movie “The Walk” — which dramatizes Philippe Petit's death-defying stroll between the two towers of the World Trade Center in 1974 — though as the actor himself tells it, the very act of making the film (directed by Robert Zemeckis) was something of a risky move.

“It's a grand, visual, spectacular action movie that doesn't have any gunfire or car chases or explosions or any of the sort of hallmarks of Hollywood action movies,” he told me. “And you know, when you try to do something different like that in the movie business it's definitely considered risky.”

For more from Gordon-Levitt, including what it was like training with Petit and what surprised him most about the daredevil in person, watch the full interview above. 

“The Walk” hits theaters on Friday.