Joss Whedon makes a strong argument for Hawkeye as President

Over the weekend, Joss Whedon took to Facebook Live to answer questions from fans about voting. If this seems odd to you, it”s part of Whedon”s initiative to get folks out there and registering to vote. The project is called Save the Day and has employed some serious star power to get the word out. Facebook Live didn”t have star power, but it more than made up for it with Whedon”s signature wit.

Not all the questions were serious, though. Around the 3:20 mark, someone asked which of the Avengers would make the best president.

The pertinent bit, if you don”t have time or inclination to watch video is this:

I”m probably going to have to go with Hawkeye. There”s a man who is grounded. He not only has family values, he has an actual family. He actually interacts with human people in a normal way. He has children he wants to protect. Every other Avenger? Let”s face it. They”re a little out there. A little bit disconnected from the real world.

Whedon has a great point. Clint Barton probably is the most grounded of all the Avengers because – like Batman in the DCEU – he”s just a guy that is really good at what he does. No superpowers, just good old-fashioned American bootstraps. Audiences didn”t really get a bead on Barton until Avengers: Age of Ultron but when he was finally around for more than two scenes and not mind-controlled to be evil, Hawkeye is a pretty decent and funny dude. I refuse to believe it”s a coincidence the MCU version of the character is similar to what Matt Fraction and David Aja did with their stunning HAWKEYE run.

Sure the similarities aren't identical. MCU Hawkeye has a family and is far more into the idea of a normal life while Fraction's version is kind of a hot mess. But still. I mean, who wouldn”t want this guy as President?

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

He even has a built-in slogan. ‘Vote for Hawkeye. He”s the Hawk Guy!”

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

What do you guys think the precedent is for voting for a fictional character as a write-in?