Joss Whedon teases ‘Avengers 2’ additions – so are they Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch?

“The Avengers” franchise is getting a new super-powered duo. Only question is, who?

According to a horde of internet speculators, director Joss Whedon may have dropped a bombshell yesterday evening when he stated the following during an interview with Yahoo! News at the “Iron Man 3” premiere:

“When you’re dealing with the story, when you’ve got the characters that you love, when you’ve got the new characters sliding in next to them – it’s very exciting,” said Whedon. “Then I don’t feel pressure, then I feel like I’m reading my favorite comic. I’ve got these two characters, two of my favorite characters from the comic book, a brother-sister act, they’re in the movie. That’s exciting! You lock certain things in, there’s a fluidity.”

As many are conjecturing (but which has by no means been confirmed), the phrase “brother-sister act” could well be referring to Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, twin siblings of “X-Men” baddie Magneto who have both served long-running stints as Avengers team members. So if the speculation proves to be true, could this be (as io9 suggests) the setup to some sort of big-screen “Avengers”/”X-Men” crossover in the forseeable future? Maybe, maybe not – but the possibility of such an event is sure to keep fanboys buzzing in any case.

Do you believe Whedon was talking about Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch? Sound off in the comments.

“The Avengers 2” is slated for release on May 1, 2015.