Julia Roberts is out for justice and Oscar in new ‘Secrets in Their Eyes’ trailer

Remaking a classic foreign film can make any true movie fan shudder. What's the point if original was so good in the first place?  Remaking a recent Academy Award winner for Foreign Language Film is almost worse.  After STX Entertainment released the first trailer for the Hollywood version of “The Secret in Their Eyes” we may have have to reconsider those initial judgements.

Written and directed by Billy Ray (“Captain Phillips,” “Breach”), this new version of the 2009 Argentinian art house hit looks much more like an “inspired by” endeavor than a straight adaptation.  The original took place over 25 years and the political context of the different eras in Argentinian history were a key part of the movie's compelling mystery.  Ray's version looks much more like a straight up revenge tale (or at least that's what STX is selling) and makes us wonder if the twist that so delightfully stunned audiences from the first film is part of this version whatsoever.  Ray may have cooked up something different this time around, but one thing is for sure: Julia Roberts is out for blood.

The four-time nominee and Oscar winner for “Erin Brockovich” has had a string of fiery roles recently including “August: Osage County” and “The Normal Heart.” Could Roberts' portrayal of a mother on a mission find her in the awards spotlight again?  Newcomer STX is no doubt focusing on box office first, but they are certainly playing up the prestige game reminding audiences of the cast's Oscar pedigree.  

As for the rest of the cast, Chiwetel Ejiofor looks solid in a role that seems strikingly different from the 2009 version and as for Nicole Kidman?  We're more curious why her character is so quiet in the preview than anything else.

You can check out the trailer for “Secret” embedded at the top of this post.  Does it look like Roberts is back in the game?

“The Secret in Their Eyes” opens nationwide on Oct 23.