Justice League: THIS character may be showing up (Nope, not THAT one)

All of the major studios are touting their upcoming slates at CinemaCon in Las Vegas this week. The convention is meant to wow theatre chains, but is also a great place for entertainment reporters to get a sense of what's ahead in the coming year.

The Warner Brothers presentation already resolved the big Batman V Superman cliffhanger, revealed some of what we can expect from Justice League, and confirmed that Ben Affleck will indeed be directing the solo Batman movie. 

Take a look below for more on that story (Warning — Batman V Superman spoilers are ahead):

Here, Hitfix's Roth Cornet chats with Fandango's Erik Davis about the big reveals from CinemaCon. We discuss what he learned/saw from Spider-Man and Ghostbusters during the Sony presentation and Justice League and Suicide Squad from Warner Brothers. Oh, and how about that Wonder Woman footage?

We begin our Warner Brothers chat at about the five minute mark in the player above or below.

Erik notes that director Zack Snyder was seen with Superman himself (Henry Cavill) sporting a beard alongside fellow cast members Ezra Miller (The Flash) and Jason Momoa (Aquaman) from the set of Justice League in London.

What's notable, is that Warner Brothers also showed a great deal of concept art from the film and from the Justice League team, much of which featured Green Lantern.

Davis says it was very unclear how long we'll have to wait to see Green Lantern, but he believes it's possible that the character will show up in Justice League though it hasn't been announced yet, as he was so heavily featured in the concept art.

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Below is the previously revealed Justice League concept art. 

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