So Justin Bieber is comparing himself to James Dean now

03.23.14 5 years ago 8 Comments

Justin Bieber is officially on a downward spiral into Vanilla Ice-dom, which should surprise absolutely no one who witnessed the media rather queasily building him up early in his career. Fun fact: when a teenager is consistently told that they're God's gift to the planet by every adult they come in contact with, that teenager is definitely going to become an asshole.

Which brings me to the reason we're here: Justin Bieber compared himself to James Dean on Instagram over the weekend, posting a scowly black-and-white photo of himself along with the caption: “This is James Dean inspired. Don't ask me if I smoke ciggys cuz I don't.”

Luckily the post opened up a meaningful discussion about the nature of fame among Bieber's Instagram followers that included such thoughtful and intelligent comments as “@celinespiration shut up you jealous nasty little whore why are you even on his page if you don't like him,” “Haha u are so stupid u don't know that everybody hates u now????????????haha your so stupid now” and “Shut the f*ck up you don't got no taste in music if you don't love his music he is the best person I know thank you very much @carmenwutt.”

Yes, America, we get what we deserve.

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