Justin Bieber takes an unhappy turn on new song, ‘All Bad’

Romantic woes continue to plague Justin Bieber. On “All Bad,” the steady slow drum beat and atmospheric production reinforce the fact that Bieber”s upset and ready to defend his reputation.

“I ain”t all bad,” he sings/whispers over and over as he proclaims that he”s trying to be your best friend, even though he knows he”s not perfect. “Want to be everything I oughta be to you/and be the same thing jealous of you/that”s what they do.” He and his girl would be OK, if she”d just understand he”s not like the others.

It”s an interesting change of pace from some of the other songs we”ve heard during Bieber”s “Manic Monday” series, but we have yet to hear anything that grabs us into warranting repeated listenings. However, it”s clear with these songs that the album is the arc of a relationship and not one that has a happy ending…if the frowny emotion didn”t let you in on that.