Justin Bieber’s new music will end ‘witch hunt,’ says manager Scooter Braun

Did you know that there”s a witch hunt going on against Justin Bieber. Uh huh, that”s right. According to his manager, Scooter Braun, once Bieber drops the new single, “Heartbreaker,” all the crazy talk will stop.

“We”re hoping the witch hunt”s gonna end when he just speaks for himself in the music,” Braun told MTV News. Of course, that begs the question, was he speaking for someone else before in his other singles?

Yes, Bieber has found himself in the news on a regular basis lately for everything but his music, whether it was for pot found on his tour bus or his abandoning his monkey in Germany or for a pro athlete threatening to tackle him if he doesn”t drive slower through their gated community or for hitting a paparazzo.

No specific word yet on when the single will drop and the witch hunt will be over. Bieber teased that the song was “coming soon,” last month on Twitter, but now it sounds like it may be closer to the end of the year.

Braun and Bieber have been talking about the Bieb”s “music journal,” but have yet to reveal how that differs from an album, although Braun hints to MTV that the distribution mechanism may be very different than the traditional means of delivery: “People and fans should be very excited for the end of this year because he’s just written so many songs on the road,” Braun says. “And we decided there needs to be a way to release these songs in a different way than the normal album and be able to allow him to express himself in music while dealing with so many different bullsh– stories every single day.”

Furthermore, Braun says, “When you see ‘Heartbreaker,’ know it’s coming directly from him and don’t think [of] the normal ‘Oh this is my single and this is going to be on the album’ [rollout]. Realize there’s gonna be a very unique way of how this music is going to be released unlike we’ve seen before from him.”

More to be revealed later. Maybe he”s coming house to house to deliver the song to each of us personally.