Justin Bieber’s in ‘Recovery’ on new track

Justin Bieber has some apologizing to do and all he wants to do is make it right. On “Recovery,” his fourth track in his #MusicMonday series of weekly releases, he”s making amends even if it”s too late.

“First I”ll acknowledge all trust has been broken…learning life through trial and error/just trying to make it right,” he sings on the Usher-lite R&B track. Set against a hypnotic synthetic, finger-popping beat, Bieber is missing his girl from a distance since he pushed her far away and realizes too late the mistakes he”s made.

It”s a fairly flat song without a noticeable chorus or a lot of variations, but that seems to be design instead of a writing flaw.

While Bieber has not name-checked ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez in his tweets, he has made clear how much the song means to him. Shortly after its delivery early this morning, he tweeted, “It”s here. One of the most important songs to me I”ve ever written. #Recovery. Hope it helps you.”

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