Justin Bieber’s on a ‘Rollercoaster’ of love in new song: Listen

Throughout the course of Justin Bieber”s Music Mondays, his songs have examined the ups and downs of love. On the eighth entry, “Rollercoaster,” he takes the term literally.

Produced by Rodney Jerkins, the tune has a great old-school vibe, especially courtesy of the  the funky bass synth line that runs through it (it sounds like a sample, but I don”t have the songwriting credits to check).  The song has so much promise, but it”s missing a great chorus. And Bieber’s vocals are too low in the mix during the choruses. That”s happened a lot with the material Bieber has released in the series. None of it is memorable despite having potential.

We”ve got two more Music Mondays to go, all leading to the big Christmas Day release of Bieber”s new theatrical movie, “Believe.”

What do you think of “Rollercoaster?”