Justin Timberlake announces that new music is on the way…

01.10.13 6 years ago

“What does the next decade mean for me?,” Justin Timberlake asks in a new video posted by the superstar at 9 a.m. today.

And the answer appears to be new music—sooner rather than later.  Seven years after 2006″s “FutureSex/LoveSound,” Timberlake finally seems “ready” to put out new music. In the video, we hear Timberlake”s voice over footage of the artist walking into a studio with the final shot of him putting on earphones and declaring “I”m ready.”

A countdown clock then appears, that, if it”s telling us what we think it”s telling us, means, Timberlake will have new music (maybe a single, maybe an album) as early as 3 days from now–though it seems odd that he”d release anything on a Sunday. It all depends upon how you interpret the countdown clock, although it seems to clearly be counting down seconds, minutes, hours and days.

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In the voiceover, Timberlake, who has focused on acting the last several years, stresses that as eager as fans are to get new music (and that he”s been asked about a new album ad nauseum), “it means more to me than anybody else in the world…I”m the one who sits, is obsessive about it, before you even get to hear it…” He also confesses he doesn”t know if he can “physically torture himself” year in and year out to create music that fulfulls him. “I don”t want to put anything out that I feel is something I don”t love. You just don”t get that every day.You have to wait for it.”

Citing sources, Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter report that a full album, produced by Timbaland, is ready to go.

We”ve reached out to Timberlake”s publicist to see if we can get more details.

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