Justin Timberlake takes over the CW on March 19

Justin Timberlake took over NBC this week with last Saturday”s guest hosting of “Saturday Night Live” and his 5-night stand on “Late Night WIth  Jimmy Fallon.”

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Next week, he switches to the CW. On March 19, the actual release day for “The 20/20 Experience,” for the horribly titled “Target Presents The IHeartRadio Album Release Party with Justin Timberlake.”  Let me see… who could possibly be the sponsor of such a spectacle? And what radio conglomerate could be behind it? Hmmmm. I”ll have to think about that some more.

The glorified electronic press kit will air at 8 p.m. on March 19 and repeat on March 22. It will include, according to the Los Angeles Times, footage of Timberlake discussing the making of the album (which is available for listening on iTunes), performances shot at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, and, we believe, the premiere of the “Mirrors” video.

While Timberlake has done little print press so far, he”s been all over television to promote the set and it looks like it”s working. Billboard predicts that “The 20/20 Experience” will sell more than 500,000 in its opening week.

In the meantime, enjoy Timberlake”s performances from last night”s “Fallon”: “Mirrors” and an adorable version of  “Sexyback,” Barbershop quartet style by The Ragtime Gals.

Come back later tonight when we’ll post a video gallery of Timberlake’s 10 best songs. On Friday, we’ll post our review of “The 20/20 Experience.”