Katy Perry loves you ‘Unconditionally’ on new single: Listen

10.17.13 6 years ago

Katy Perry showed us how fierce she is on “Roar,” and now she reveals that her love can be just as fierce on new single, “Unconditionally.”  The electronic power ballad (there”s a genre for you) is a testament to the strength of her love, as much as it is a strength to her vocal power.

The song starts with a beat and a synth line as she fears that she”s scared off her lover by getting too close, but she then promises that there”s nothing he can do to scare her away.  Dr. Luke and Cirkut”s production is a bit cold in contrast to her warm vocals, but in some ways that gives her all the most power to shine as she belts out her fidelity.  The title word doesn’t scan well so there are parts that feel  a bit clunky, but Perry gets around that.

Is this about John Mayer? You decide.

“Unconditionally” is on Perry’s fourth studio album, “Prism,” which comes out Oct. 22.


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