Keith Olbermann: I’m not banned from talking politics on my new ESPN2 show

07.17.13 6 years ago

Keith Olbermann: I’m not banned from talking politics on my new  ESPN2 show
Contrary to a previous report, there’s no contractual clause banning political discussion. But Olbermann can only address politics when it’s related to sports. Says ESPN boss John Skipper: “Trayvon Martin is an excellent example; we expect Keith to have some point of view there. It only has to be responsible.”

Cory Monteith did not die from a deadly strain of heroin

A police department not far from Vancouver released a statement saying it had noticed a number of ODs related to heroin containing fentanyl. But no fentanyl was found in Monteith’s body. PLUS: Monteith was cremated on Tuesday, without his father present.

“Rookie Blue” renewed
The Canadian cop drama will be back for Season 5.

Why Dan Harmon was fired from “Community”: Details of his erratic behavior revealed

He would disappear, he had an oddball leadership style, he would fall asleep during the day, he was an alcoholic and his writers resented him. “I wanted to kill myself constantly constantly,” says Harmon. “It’s not an exaggeration to say that every single day, I was the reason why everyone above me and everyone below me had a problem.

David Beckham to be featured in a new UK kids’ show

He’ll motivate kids via Sky Sports “Game Changers.”

“The Millers” ads Nelson Franklin as a series regular

The “Veep” and “New Girl” vet will play Jayma Mays’ husband.

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