Kelly Rowland says no Destiny’s Child tour in the works

LOS ANGELES – They’ve already released a new single (“Nuclear”) and reunited for a portion of Beyonce’s Super Bowl half time show, but don’t expect a formal Destiny’s Child reunion or tour anytime soon.  Speaking backstage after presenting best urban contemporary album at the 55th Grammy Awards, Kelly Rowland insinuated each member’s solo careers are keeping them busy enough.

“I can’t say anything about a possible tour,” Rowland says. “I know Beyonce’s touring, I have my new single “Kisses Down Low,” Michelle is doing “Fela!”, we’re all doing different things”

As for getting back together with Beyonce and Michelle Williams at the Super Bowl?  Rowland gushes, “Oh my god! I cannot begin to tell you how much fun that was, and it’s really…it felt really good to look on the other side of the stage and Beyonce and Michelle were there when we were walking in for “Bootylicious,” it was just such a beautiful moment. I miss those moments with my sisters. It was incredible. I hope everybody enjoyed it as much as we did. It was hard to keep that damn secret! Oh my god!”

Rowland says she’s “so excited” about her upcoming album.  Originally the album was titled “Year of the Woman,” but Rowland decided to change it to “Talk A Good Game.

“Funny enough, I would say now that I’ve listened to the album again as a whole and decided to change the title,’ Rowland reveals. “I think that just going back into the studio and working with Dream and working with Kevin Cossom and all these incredible writers, just really in putting everything together, because I recorded around 50 songs, maybe 50, 55 songs, and to condense everything it now tells a story of…the title is ‘Talk a Good Game.’ So I’m really excited, and I really actually wanna play you the record.”

And what does Rowland think of new mom Beyonce and little Blue Ivy?  Rowland says, “She’s a wonderful mother. I’m so proud of her. And [Ivy is] such a beautiful reflection of her parents, definitely.”

The 31-year-old singer songwriter has been nominated for 17 Grammys and won four statues.  She was last nominated in 2012 for her hit single “Motivation” featuring Lil Wayne.