Kevin Smith says success of ‘Tusk’ will pave the way for ‘Clerks 3′

(CBR) Kevin Smith has finally secured financing for “Clerks 3,” and he owes it all to “Tusk,” which has grossed just $1.4 million since its Sept. 19 premiere.

“Everybody that”s like, ‘He failed, he failed,”” the filmmaker said in the most recent episode of his 'Hollywood Babble-On' podcast. “I”m like, ‘Thank you – I failed into 'Clerks 3.'” Apparently, the performance of the offbeat horror film was enough to impress new investors.

Earlier this year, Smith said he took a $6 million version of “Clerks 3” to The Weinstein Company, but was only offered distribution.

Smith explained on an episode of SModcast that, although “Tusk” didn”t make much money, it was produced for just $3 million, which was recouped with domestic and international distribution deals.

He noted that “Tusk” also led to financing for “Yoga Hosers,” which he”s now shooting, and “Moose Jaws,” the third film in his podcast-inspired Canada-based trilogy.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)