Knife-wielding homeless man threatened to kill Michael Strahan outside ABC’s Studios in Times Square

07.02.14 4 years ago

Knife-wielding homeless man threatened to kill Michael Strahan outside ABC”s Studios in Times Square
Police detained the man who was arguing with an ABC security guard on Tuesday morning.

Iranian TV copies “Modern Family” – without the gay dads
All the gay characters were conspicuously absent in Iranian TV”s shot-for-shot remake of the ABC sitcom.

Why Yahoo finds “Community” so valuable
Yahoo has plenty of eyeballs, it just needs an engaged audience that could become a premium for advertisers. PLUS: In defense of resurrecting “Community.”

It's time to ignore studies on TV viewing!
There are so many of them – like the binge-watching will kill you study –  and they have sent confusing, sometimes contradictory messages.

It”s “Gabby!”: Jimmy Kimmel gives Gabourey Sidibe a “talk show”
“Let”s see what Gabourey Sidibe has for us later tonight on ‘Gabby!” PLUS: Kimmel translates Trey Songz”s lyrics to “Na Na.”

Local TV station tells FCC that “Star Trek” and “Rawhide” are examples of community affairs programming
KJWP had to pledge to put on community affairs programming to move from Wyoming to Delaware. So it”s telling the FCC that “Star Trek,” “Wagon Train” and “Rawhide” address “matters of importance to its community of license.”

“Dear White People” writer to create a “Twenties” series for BET
“Twenties,” about a group of 20-something black woman, is also based on Lena Waithe”s web series.

Watch a “Game of Thrones”-themed wedding
A couple got married as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. PLUS: British “GoT” fans waited 8 hours to see the Iron Throne.

Go behind the scenes of “The Walking Dead” Season 5
It”s the first day back on set.

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