Kurt Braunohler’s skywriting project might be the best Kickstarter ever

Kurt Braunohler is a comedian in Los Angeles who came up with one hell of a Kickstarter idea. He wanted to hire a plane to skywrite (is that a verb? I’m making that a verb) something weird and dumb that would surprise the hell out unsuspecting cloud watchers. His project ended up exceeding its fundraising goal of $4000, and Kurt was able to choose a stupid sentence to paint across the smoggy skies of L.A.

“HOW DO I LAND?” was the choice Kurt ended up going with, and it’s a good one. Apparently it was pretty windy the day the plane was hired, but there were 20 solid minutes when anyone in Los Angeles looking up from their screenplays or pressed juices or pits of despair would have seen the message. Viewers report both that the writing looked cool, and also that in response, a flock of birds flew into formation to spell out, “Just turn off your engine.”

Here’s Kurt’s original Kickstarter video: