Kylo Ren looks an awful like like this other Star Wars character – Let Me Explain You A Thing

“Let Me Explain You A Thing” is a new semi-regular venture at HitFix Harpy where I deep dive into a piece of geek lore to give you more information than you probably wanted.”

Kylo Ren looks like Revan. The similarities are uncanny. But outside of a shared taste for fashion, could the central character of “Knight of the Old Republic” have influenced Ren”s behavior? Perhaps.

Starkiller was the original name for Luke Skywalker. It was later repurposed for the video game “The Force Unleashed,” and it returns again in “The Force Awakens.” What other aspects of the defunct Expanded Universe could be retrofitted into the new canon? Perhaps the Order of Revan, now the Knights of Ren.

While most people believe Kylo Ren is some version of Jacen Solo, there is another. Check out the video above for details! Then watch below to see Roth Cornet and I discuss Ren”s possible origins in-depth.