‘Labor Day’s’ humble Kate Winslet thinks she’s always going to be dreadful

TORONTO – Kate Winslet is very pregnant. Chances are when you’re reading this she’s still very pregnant. Moreover, Winslet is so far along that we may not catch the Oscar winner on the awards circuit until very close to the December release of her new film “Labor Day.” In fact, she may not be able to promote the film again until 2014. That obviously made a chance to chat with her at the Toronto International Film Festival a major priority.

Granted, this year’s crowded Best Actress field is slowly getting a tad less competitive (ergo Naomi Watts in the critically drubbed “Diana,” Nicole Kidman’s “Grace of Monaco” moving to 2014), but Winslet is still clearly in the mix for her acclaimed role in Jason Reitman’s new drama. Lest you forget, Winslet is an Academy favorite having won her Best Actress statue on her sixth nomination. Six nods that came before the age of 33. Not only was she the youngest actress to ever hit that milestone, but Meryl Streep and Jane Fonda are the only living actresses with more nominations than her. That achievement is why — even in this tight race — no one should discredit the love for her within the acting branch propelling her to a nod; she even earned a SAG Awards nomination for her work in “Quills” for Pete’s sake.

And yet, this Oscar, Emmy Award, Golden Globe, SAG, BAFTA and Grammy (yes, she only needs a Tony for EGOT) still humbly remarked during our chat, “I still feel like every movie is the first one I’ve ever done and I’m going to be dreadful and I’ve forgotten how to act.”

You can hear Winslet say it herself in the video embedded at the top of this post, but the moment of honesty came when she remarked about giving advice to her young co-star Gattlin Griffith (who gives a remarkable performance as her son). Then again, since Winslet continues to take on challenging material whenever and wherever she can, are we really surprised? For some actors, there just isn’t any other way. Thank heavens for that.

Find out more about Winslet’s experiences making “Labor Day” in the previously mentioned video. No joke, it may be the last we see of her until she hits the big screen.

“Labor Day” opens in limited release on Dec. 25.