Lady Gaga splits with longtime manager on eve of ‘ArtPop’s’ release

11.05.13 6 years ago

A week before the release of her fourth studio album, “ArtPop,” Lady Gaga and her longtime manager, Troy Carter have split.

Carter had managed Lady Gaga since 2007, before the release of her first album on Streamline/Interscope.

Showbiz411, which broke the news
, attributed the split to creative differences, adding that Lady Gaga had not sought Carter”s advice on the “ArtPop” campaign and had cut him out of the loop.

Lady Gaga performed “Dope,” a new song from “ArtPop,” at Sunday”s YouTube Awards. It was an emotionally charged rendition of the ballad, but, as always with Gaga, it”s hard to tell if her becoming slightly unhinged was part of the performance or something more.

In the past, Lady Gaga relied on Carter to make the bulk of the business decisions, allowing Lady Gaga to focus on the creative, according to The Hollywood Reporter. From the start, “she was very specific about her vision, all of the music was there, and all she needed was someone to help translate it ot the rest of the world,” he told the Reporter earlier this year.

Among the other artists Carter manages are John Legend. He also has a label through Capitol, and had invested in such music tech companies as Spotify and SoundCloud.

We”ve emailed Carter requesting confirmation and a comment.

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