Lamorne Morris and Hannah Simone talk puzzling, modeling and ‘New Girl’ Season 4

Season 3 of “New Girl” was a season of transition for Hannah Simone's Cece and Lamorne Morris' Winston.

For Cece, the season began with her discovering that she was being cheated on and saw her giving up on her modeling aspirations to become, at least in the short term, a bartender, before she left on a romantic dalliance with a younger man.

Meanwhile, Winston began to come to terms with his thwarted hoop dreams and seemed to find at least a temporary calling as a potential police officer, while putting his own needs second to those of his cat. 

Last week, I sat down with Morris and Simone to talk about the season of quarterlife crisis and the impact of those changes on Cece and Winston this season.

We also talked quite a bit about Winston's run of weekly peculiarities.

“I caught on probably once Max Greenfield said something out loud about it,” Morris says.

And yes, the conversation contains plenty of talk about Winston's subpar basketball career and the allure of puzzling, complete with a brief chorus of the “Puzzling” song. 

The “New Girl” writers would do well to note that Morris and Simone are really funny together. 

“New Girl” premieres on Tuesday, September 16 night at 9 p.m. on FOX.