Lance Bass releases new single, ‘Walking On Air’: Listen

Lance Bass has been way too busy planning his escapade into space, dancing with pseudo-stars, writing his autobiography, planning his wedding, participating in the blink-if-you-miss-it ‘N Sync MTV Video Music Awards reunion, and executive producing documentaries to make new solo music, but after a 12-year hiatus, he”s back.

His new song, “Walking on Air” -not to be confused with the Katy Perry tune -is a collaboration with DJ/producer Anise K, featuring Snoop Dogg. I”m now convinced I could get Snoop Dogg to be on my single if I asked him.  The song got a little coming out party at the 2013 Miss Universe pageant, where it was featuring in the opening segment, according to E! News.

Bass told E! that he”d been looking for material for two years
and Anise K”s track resonated with him. Listen to “Walking On Air” here.  

Well, maybe should have kept looking… or waited until he had more time.  While he is listed as the artists on the cover art here, he”s basically a guest on Anise K”s record.  He does get his own verse…. maybe it was the line about being a “satellite” that drew in the future astronaut.

And as for Snoop Dogg, he comes in at the beginning and then drops a totally tepid verse on the totally tepid, unremarkable song.

“Walking On Air” is way too grounded for its own good. A slightly different version, featuring Ian Thomas, came out in Belgium a few months ago. That version is below.